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The Captain

Captain Dogfish Briggins
 Corey Parker Lefkowitz (aka Captain Dogfish Briggins ) has 28 years of professional living history experience. His fascination started as a child attending the Agoura Renaissance Festival with his parents.  In his late teens, he turned an interest in history into a passon for living history. He started participating in Rendezvous and his collection of period wardrobes, goods, and weapons began to grow. His first experiences performing began on the rendezvous circuit, shooting black powder weapons and displaying off historical goods.  Corey has shared his love for learning about living history by doing demonstrations at  schools and educational programs with Friends of the Frontier, Age of Discovery Productions, Pirates of the Silver Realm, and A PIRATE'S LIFE.

Corey has provided a huge arsenal of 18th century weapons, props, and effects for displaying of historical goods at various pirate festivals and special events across the US.

His fellow pirates recognized him as a past member to Order of Leviathan and his image was professionally  painted by Don Maitz (Currently in a game card called Pirate Carrds).  Corey and his Greenwing Macaw Tova are featured in a children's book called "Pirates for Parrots Saga Book One  -Parrots of the Cape Fear" by Anna Maria Sophia Cancelli. Corey and Tova also been in a few calendars and is currently in the 2018 International Pirate Calendar.
Corey's newest business venture is called A PIRATE'S LIFE, which empathizes interaction with the macaws. Through presentations, photo opportunities, and events A Pirate's Life will make experiencing living history more fun for fans of all ages.

Sophia Cancelli
Custom Artwork